On Episode 111 of War Room: Impeachment, hosts Stephen K. Bannon, Raheem Kassam, and Jason Miller discuss a recent New York Times interview with Bernie Sanders where he states he is “not comfortable about nuclear weapons.”

Read the whole interview here.

Kassam emphasizes that Sanders is “running for Commander in Chief,” adding “that’s probably a disqualifying factor to be the Commander in Chief.”


Sanders responds to the NYT’s question, Are you comfortable with the United States having nuclear weapons in Turkey today?”:

“I’m not comfortable about nuclear — no, I’m not. And I’m not comfortable about nuclear weapons, in general. I would say it’s one of the miracles — thank God. You know, back in 1945 after Hiroshima, I think, Nagasaki, I think people would not have believed that we would have gone this long without a nuclear war. Now what, we have 11 countries, 12 countries around the world with nuclear weapons? I mean, I think to answer your question, no. I think we have got to, once again, be very vigorous in trying to put forward nuclear bans and do everything we can to get those weapons out of the hands of countries all over the world.”

Bannon notes:Hillary Clinton wouldn’t have answered that question like that. John Kerry wouldn’t have answered that question like that. Al Gore wouldn’t have answered that question like that. William Jefferson Clinton wouldn’t have answered that question like that. Joe Biden wouldn’t either.”

He asks: “Do you think if a guys says I’m questioning the use of nuclear weapons that that disqualifies you to be the Commander in Chief?”

Miller responds: “Not for the New York Times. The New York Times probably gave him a high five and asked him if he’d like another soy latte. […] I don’t think that that is a disqualifier in the eyes of the New York Times. The viewpoint of the New York Times editorial board is so far outside the mainstream, that it’s disconnected from real world politics.”

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