“People should be fired up,” Brian Walsh, the head of the America First Action SuperPAC, told Stephen K. Bannon, Raheem Kassam, and Jason Miller on Episode 68 of War Room: Impeachment, explaining he believes there need to be criminal prosecutions in the investigation into the origins of the Russia probe. 

“People should be shocked, disgusted, angry, and fired up. When you look at the events that took place over the course of this week, you had Adam Schiff standing on stage talking about abuse of power over a fraud of an impeachment having to do with a perfectly fine telephone call in which the President was conducting foreign policy on behalf of the United States of America. At the same time, you had a report coming out, talking about the true abuse of power at the FBI, amongst the senior leadership in 2016.” 

“Our point of view is the Horowitz report is really only the first step. It had some important parts in it. I think we can all understand that all of these institutions are human institutions. One mistake is acceptable, two is concerning, seventeen is systemic.”

“You’re saying that is beyond human error,” Bannon clarified. “We have a problem institutionally.”

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Walsh elaborated: “We are talking about an investigation that involves the presidency of the United States and a presidential campaign. That should have been handled with a level of care, a level of seriousness, there should have been redundancy measures. They never spoke to candidate Trump, which is sickening. Obama’s telling Putin, ‘go knock if off.’ So they’re talking to Putin, but not even having the common courtesy to at least talk to the candidate.”

“Let’s be honest, the Horowitz report is a snapshot looking very specifically.”

“With the restrictions Horowitz had,” Bannon added. “You can see from Barr, and you can see from Durham: some folks better be lawyering up.”

“Oh, I think there needs to be investigations, there needs to be criminal prosecution here,” Walsh asserted. 

“You believe there should be criminal prosecution?”

“I absolutely do,” the SuperPAC head confirmed. “Because if you do not hold people to a standard, you say this is acceptable.”

“This is just as important to Bernie Sanders, and [Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez], and that whole crowd,” Bannon explained. “This goes beyond Donald J. Trump.”

“This is about the power of the federal government,” Walsh emphasized. “This is about individual liberty. If they can do it to the President, imagine what they can do to you. At some point we, as Americans, need to take a- I mean this is deeply, deeply troubling. This should be shocking, it should be disturbing. We’re talking about the root of power here when it comes to our democracy.”

“By the way,” Walsh added, “this should not besmirch the excellent men and women that work in our law enforcement, that work day to day in our Federal Bureau of Investigation…. What we’re talking about is select people in senior leadership who used the power that they were vested with and were supposed to be responsible for, and they used it improperly.