Has there ever been a sitting President that did not try while hopefully driving good domestic and foreign policy – hopefully – that also did not try to obtain a political benefit for himself.”

Constitutional law scholar David Rivkin joined Stephen K. Bannon, Jason Miller, Raheem Kassam, and fellow guest Jenny Beth Martin of the Tea Party patriots on Episode 17 of War Room: Impeachment.

Every aspect of U.S. foreign aid, by its nature, is designed to influence U.S. foreign policy in its favor,” Miller, former Senior Communications Advisor to the Trump 2016 campaign, said.

Martin elaborated: “Foreign aid always has strings attached. They give money in order to get something for the United States. It’s something that is always done. We don’t just give away U.S. tax payers dollars that are very hard earned without making sure that it’s not going to be spent in a corrupt way, which is what President Trump was working on in Ukraine. Whatever the issues are that we think need to be implemented from a foreign policy standpoint, there are going to be strings attached to that money.”

No federal dollars should be spent either abroad or within the United States…without strings attached,” Rivkin advanced the argument. “It’s called statecraft for God’s sake. You can disagree with the policies being advanced, but it doesn’t make it a violation of criminal law, it doesn’t make it a violation of high crime and misdemeanor. Every country in the world attaches strings to its aid.”