On Episode 57 of War Room: Impeachment, host Raheem Kassam and constitutional lawyer David Rivkin address the improbability of Schiff obtaining subpoenas to access phone records of “Devin Nunes, the president’s personal lawyer, the White House, private individuals, journalists, and journalist’s sources” included in the Majority report without having requested them prior to impeachment.

Rivkin “would personally very much doubt that such requests could have been processed since the official commencement of the impeachment inquiry which was brought about technically by the House vote driven by Speaker Pelosi.”

He continues: “It’s interesting to figure out how and when those requests were made because the impeachment inquiry is not proceeding at warp speed.”

Kassam notes how “Adam Schiff went to the microphone yesterday, and said I can’t get into when and how we obtain these call records.”

This “implies there might have been a longer process involved in all of this than people might think.”