On Episode 17 of War Room: Impeachment, constitutional lawyer David Rivkin provides analysis on the legality of the whistleblower’s anonymity, contending he “very much doubts that he qualifies as a whistleblower.”

Rivkin previously appeared on Episode 6 of the show and penned an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal that host Stephen K. Bannon believes “changed history and got Nancy Pelosi off her game.”

He continues: “I think it’s clear that what he reported was not covered by the statue or because he didn’t even report any alleged wrongdoing within the intelligence community. The president is not part of the intelligence community.”

The whistleblower is described as “a partisan person who worked in the Obama administration and worked for Vice President Joe Biden.”

Concerning “silly and absurd” allegations against President Trump for violating campaign finance laws, Rivkin highlights how such actions are “not covered thematically by this statute.”

Rivkin concludes: “he’s not really a whistleblower.”

Even if you grant him whistleblower status, “all that really does is protect you from retaliation as far as adverse employment action. It does not guarantee you anonymity.”