During a recess in Thursday’s Judiciary Committee hearings to debate the articles of impeachment, a CNN livestream caught a Reuters photographer taking pictures of notes left on a committee members’ desk. 

The photographer was subsequently removed from the hearing.

Republican Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee Devin Nunes quote tweeted the video, saying: “Media spy games!”

According to House Judiciary member Matt Gaetz, the photographer in question is Josh Roberts of Reuters.

Gaetz said during the hearing:

“A Reuters photographer, Josh Roberts, approaches the dais and took pictures of the notes off the desks of several of my Democratic colleagues. We noticed that, announced it to staff, and that…photographer’s been removed. And I would just say no member, Republican or Democrat, should be subject to that. We ought to have the opportunity to take our notes, participate in debate, and have a fair discussion – substantively, though.”