On Episode 46 of War Room: Impeachment, Rep. Lee Zeldin addresses the fact that the transcript from Mark Sandy’s private testimony hasn’t been released yet.

He elaborates on the significance: ”We did bring in Mark Sandy, a dedicated career staffer at the Office of Management and Budget, to come in and answer the question about what was the definitive answer he received as to why there was a hold on aid to Ukraine, and he answered the question.”

His “answer to that question totally undercuts Adam Schiff’s narrative.”

In comparison to “the witnesses coming in and guessing or presuming why there is a hold on aid to Ukraine [during public hearings]’, “it sure would be nice to be able to utilize the answer given to you from the Office of Management and Budget as to why there was a hold on aid to Ukraine.”

He adds Democrats “shouldn’t have had another public hearing go on until that was released.”

Host Stephen K. Bannon adds “this is a key exculpatory point” and questions “why was there not a media firestorm on yesterday’s tv shows, why is there not a firestorm [from the Republican party] last week about this, and why aren’t they saying we’re not going forward until we get Sandy’s transcript?”