Conservative Republicans have a prime opportunity to reshape the House Republican Caucus in 2020 says former Congressman Jim Renacci of Ohio.

With 20 House Republicans retiring, this unusually large turnover allows the GOP to put forward candidates who are dedicated to fiscal responsibility and partnering with President Trump on an America First agenda.

The Congressman from Ohio even goes as far as suggesting the lack of an incumbency factor for Republican representatives presents an opportunity rather than a hurdle.

During the Speakerships of Paul Ryan and John Boehner, Republicans whiffed on opportunities to decrease our national debt.

In a recently published op-ed, former Rep. Jim Renacci (R-OH) states:

Republican members of Congress did not deliver on their promises and offered no vision to counter what progressives in the Democratic Party were pushing. That’s why Trump was elected. All Speaker Paul Ryan had to offer were the same recycled ideas that Republicans had pushed for decades. Rather than fight for Trump’s plans to reform the legal immigration policy to merit-based, Ryan’s allies in the House sabotaged the bill. In the end, House leadership never really fought for Trump’s policies to make America great or fight for promised conservative principles.

It’s part of the reason more than 85 House Republicans either retired or lost reelection over the last two years. Voters wanted congressmen who advocated for them and supported the president’s plans instead of serving special interest groups and fighting against the president.

“So with most of these 20 seats being safe for Republicans and dozens of Democrats sitting in seats Trump won in 2016, Republicans have the chance to elect real leaders who will fight for conservative reforms. It’s about time we have fresh blood in Washington who can offer new ideas and be ambitious enough to lead.”

Renacci points out that many of these Republican retirements are Members who have been in office for decades.

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Conservatives should rejoice by the news of these retirements says Renacci:

“This [the GOP retirements] is a positive development for both the GOP and the American public. Republicans may finally get the few good men and women needed to move the country forward with sound fiscal conservative ideas.”