On Episode 24 of War Room: Impeachment, Rep. Mark Meadows, doubles down on the substance argument, stressing President Trump’s innocence: “The only way I can properly defend this president is to defend him with the facts.”

Rep. Meadows continues, highlighting the fact that the transcript is the best evidence to completely vindicate the president of any alleged quid pro quo: “The strategic part of why we need to communicate what actually happened is, for example, we can look at the transcript of the call and everybody sees it’s a perfect call. Let me tell you why it’s important to see what is not in the transcript. In fact, the president never said, “By the way President Zelensky, we’re going to hold up aid.” If you’re going to have this whole extortion [narrative], this president would have gone straight to it and said I’m holding up the aid if it was really a quid pro quo.”

Host Stephen K. Bannon adds: “He’s not shy about the ask.”

Co-host Jason Miller adds: “He probably would have tweeted it, too.”

Rep. Meadows continues: “He didn’t tell the Vice President of the United States we’re withholding aid. Or the number one through three guys at the State Department. Each time you get closer to the president, there was no attachment to this foreign aid. Quite the opposite.”

He contends the transcript shows how “This president was concerned about sending hard-earned American taxpayer dollars to a corrupt country. He’s been consistent with that. He believed that Germany, France, and the European Union needed to have their fair share in both of those things.”

To Bannon, it represents “America First national security policy. We’re not looking for more protectorates. We’re looking for allies. He wanted the other allies to pitch in here. Especially since it was Brussels and the EU who drove this fiasco in the first place.”

He continues, “We don’t want to export American crony capitalism into an already corrupt situation.”