On Episode 96 of War Room: Impeachment, Rep. Mark Meadows predicts John Durham’s FBI probe will uncover “very problematic” findings. 

Host Stephen K. Bannon asks: “You saw something deeper in that summer of 2016 that we’re now getting into. This is Brennan and Clapper and the whole cabal. There’s something deep here that’s wrong. Is this a policy debate? Is it a style debate?”

Rep. Meadows responds, emphasizing how impeachment is about power dynamics between the established way of conducting foreign policy and President Trump’s agenda:

“It’s a policy and power debate. I want to emphasize the power. This is all about are we going to let the American people along with their representatives and the President of the United States establish foreign policy or are we going to let the intel and national security apparatus continue to do whatever they’ve done for years which is not effective. That’s the reason why there was such a big pushback with Brennan and Clapper.”

He notes: “Their day is coming. I promise you. Their day is coming.” 

Rep. Meadows explains why, emphasizing how the apparatus’s actions to undermine President Trump predate his inauguration: “When we look at the investigation that is going on now with Mr. Durham, he is finding things that will be very problematic.

“And where they’re problematic is not just in the initial investigation, it is after January of 2017 before the president is actually sworn into office, they’re still operating on trying to take him down when they know they had no case.”