On Episode 24 of War Room: Impeachment, Rep. Mark Meadows and host Stephen K. Bannon question why Tim Morrison didn’t exit his position at the NSC if President Trump’s America First foreign policy was so contradictory to his personal stance.

Rep. Meadows describes Morrison as “a guy who threatened to quit if the president changed his Ukraine policy, and yet he didn’t quit. He’s still working for the President of the United States which would indicate that the president didn’t embark on a policy that was counter to what he believed was best for the United States.”

Bannon believes “That’s a line of questioning for tomorrow.”

He continues “When Pompeo hired him he had preconceived notions of the policy he wanted and had worked for. However, Pompeo had to have gotten him on board somehow and said “Hey, this is a new sheriff in town. We do things in a different way.” 

Meadows continues:

“Even after the aid was held up and the Vice President of the United States meets with Zelensky on September 1st, what does he say? We just want to make sure you’re taking on corruption broadly, and that’s the only condition that is on this. It’s exactly what the President of Ukraine ran on. Yet here we are looking at this whole issue as if there is some nefarious purpose.”