On Episode 24 of War Room: Impeachment, Rep. Mark Meadows, outlines why Tim Morrison’s testimony hasn’t been released.

It’s because it’s “damning to other witnesses that have already come out.”

As co-host Jason Miller points out, Morrison is especially important since “Many of the [witnesses] reported to Fiona Hill but then actually Morrison.”

To Rep. Meadows, “ the closer [witnesses are] to the president,” the more vindicating their testimonies are “each and every time.” 

He adds: “None of the witness, not a single one had a conversation with the president of the United States. Everything they base this on is on somebody else’s inference or belief on what the president may or may not have done.”

Rep. Meadows explains the Democrat’s response to Morrison’s testimony: “They don’t want Morrison’s testimony to come out. Their heads were exploding. It was like they were sucking on lemons the whole time that he kept giving his responses. [Democrat’s] body language would shift. They would say certainly you don’t mean that and he would say, “Yes. I do.” 

Rep. Meadows continues: “The real damning information that would come out of that testimony would be his characterization of other witnesses specifically if you read very closely what that other witnesses may or may not have done with relation to the whistleblower.”

He “thought this guy was going to be bad for the president. Just the opposite. He was great for the president. That’s what we found.”

Miller also points to another way Morrison’s testimony disrupts the media and Democrat’s narrative: “He said the transcript that was released was spot on, completely undercutting the Democrats and many in the media.”

To host Stephen K. Bannon, this epitomizes the “corruption of the process.”