On Episode 48 of War Room: Impeachment, guest Rep. Barry Loudermilk describes the opportunity cost of impeachment, specifically the delay in passing USMCA. 

It’s easy to “understand [the opportunity cost] from a USMCA perspective.”

He points out how “last week Nancy Pelosi went to the microphones and was asked about USMCA. She said “even if we came to an agreement today, there wouldn’t be enough time to get it done before the end of the year.” 

Why is there “not enough time”?

For Rep. Loudermilk, it’s clearly “because we’re wasting all this time on impeachment.”

He elaborates on the Democrats prioritizing a “sham impeachment” over legislation that would “help millions of Americans”:

The American people “already see congress as do-nothing and now when they decide to do something they are going to impeach a president who is really popular among the American people.”