On Episode 48 of War Room: Impeachment, host Stephen K. Bannon and guest Barry Loudermilk discuss a key component of President Trump’s agenda: deconstruction of the administrative state.

Rep. Loudermilk explains how the administrative state formed: “Certain people in leadership over the past few decades, whether they’re bureaucrats or in other agencies like the Department of Defense, they have worked under a system. They’ve paid their dues to society to elevate themselves and use the dysfunction of Washington DC for influence.”

He adds: “There is an elitism in Washington DC and unfortunately some of that exists in the military. It’s not the warrior class we knew during World War II. It’s a political class.

President Trump has made much-needed change: “The government prior to this president wasn’t run from the White house. It wasn’t run from Congress. It was run within the agencies, especially the 3 letter agencies. They ultimately made the decisions regardless of what the president’s priorities were. These bureaucrats were the ones in power.”

Bannon adds: “One of the driving forces of President Trump, it’s much deeper than deregulation, is deconstruction of the administrative state, whether it’s the alphabet agencies or the cabinet secretaries of those cabinet departments. They’ve metastasized into their own branch of government that runs things beyond Capitol Hill and the Executive Branch from the White House.”