On Episode 49 of War Room: Impeachment, Stephen K. Bannon was joined by Representative Fred Keller from Pennsylvania’s 12th District to discuss the impeachment proceedings and the Congressman’s recent opinion-editorial in the Washington Examiner.

“What drove me to write the op-ed is we’re in a battle for our Republic,” Keller told Bannon. “Quite frankly, the people of PA-12, as I travel around, understand what the Democrats are trying to do to undo the 2016 election. I just want to make sure- We need to have the facts out there and what the Democrats have been putting forward in Adam Schiff and Speaker Pelosi’s farce of an impeachment hearing.

“Why do you say it’s a farce?” Bannon asked. “That’s a pretty strong word coming from a Congressman. Why is it a farce? She’s Speaker of the House, he’s head of the House Intelligence Committee – these are, supposedly, very honorable people. Why do you call it a farce?”

Keller responded: “All you have to do is look at how they’ve done things in the past, it’s going to give you an indication of how they’re going to behave in the future. I mean, Chairman Schiff in the day after this impeachment inquiry was announced with no evidence, he starts a hearing where he isn’t truthful with the American people. That’s a fact.”

He later continued: “When you’re talking something as serious as we’re talking, let’s deal in facts. Let’s not try and say anything different. If it’s that serious, you don’t make a parody; you don’t do anything else if you’re serious about it. You don’t try and do anything that isn’t factual.”