“Some of it is outrageous and we need to be ready to point out those parts,” Congressman Morgan Griffith told host Stephen K. Bannon on War Room: Impeachment Episode 19.

“What about next Wednesday: this thing starts live. Are you prepared? Is the Republican leadership prepared? Are we ready to throw down and take a fight? Because it seems like Pelosi and Schiff… they’ve got a plan and are just blowing through this thing,” Bannon asked the Virginia Congressman.

“All [Democrats have] been doing is cherrypicking,” Griffith responded. “And if there’s one small cherry on the tree that looks like it might be half ripe, they’re leaking it to the press. What we need to do is take all these other rotten fruits that show that show that there’s bias, that show that there’s nothing there and be giving that to the press. And yes we need to be very aggressive with that.”

Earlier in the interview Bannon asked Representative Griffith how he felt about changing up some of the committee lineups: “What about changing out the [Intelligence] Committee? Would you support that leadership actually being more aggressive here and getting people like Lee Zeldin, getting people like Mark Meadows, getting people like Jim Jordan – not that we don’t have great guys on Intelligence… Devin Nunes and those people are fantastic. But do we need, according to Matt Gaetz, to bring in the killers?

“I don’t think that would hurt,” the Congressman said. “I do think that Nunes has done a nice job, but you do need folks in there. Although, you know, our people are stepping up to the plate – folks that you might not have expected to step up to the plate. I’m trying to wade through the depositions that they’ve handed out thus far. Would’ve been nice to see it live on CSPAN so I could judge exactly how aggressive our people were being. But I do think we have a pretty good team there, but if we could add to it that would be great. Democrats aren’t going to allow [us] to add..”