Congressman Matt Gaetz joined Stephen K. Bannon, Raheem Kassam, and Jason Miller on Episode 54 of War Room: Impeachment to discuss the week ahead, including the White House opting out of Wednesday’s hearing. 

“The White House has said they are not going to participate in Wednesday’s sham,” Miller said. “Which is probably a good move, they don’t need to be there. Is it important that the White House participates as we look ahead into next week when the Judiciary Committee has the hearing where they bring in Schiff and the House impeachment managers to really make their case?”

“I would always bring every tool to the fight,” Gaetz responded. “So I don’t quite understand that decision by the White House not to send Cipollone. He’s a very gifted lawyer and I think would do a good job.

“I think the concern is the rules keep changing, the ground keeps shifting. If the White House is going to engage, they’re sort of getting on a rollercoaster when they don’t exactly know how many times it’s going to go upside down. I think that’s a reasonable concern.

“But right now, we’re not in some sort of legal fight where the waiver of rights…is going to decide the day. We’re in a brass knuckles political fight. And I think the more voices we can bring to [the Judiciary hearings], the better. We’re already dealing with substantial disadvantages based on how the Democrats have used the power of the majority to try to animate their case. We should take all the ground we should take all the ground we can get, in my opinion.”