On Episode 9 of War Room: Impeachment, a special edition dedicated to coverage of Speaker Pelosi’s decision to hold a House vote on formalizing the impeachment inquiry, Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) says Nancy Pelosi’s upcoming vote is motivated by the inability of Democrats to defend the legitimacy of the current impeachment inquiry, an issue of elevated significance for representatives in districts won by President Trump:

“For Nancy Pelosi to have this radical shift in her thinking, to shift away from a vote authorizing an impeachment inquiry, a Republican talking point, to now being the Democrat message of the week, that is a substantial shift. I think something had to motivate her.

“I believe that motivation came when Democrats in congress could no longer defend the process that was under way. You’ve got a lot of Democrats in districts that Donald Trump won and I think Nancy Pelosi heard from those members that they couldn’t defend [impeachment] on just the procedure that was being taken.”

Rep. Gaetz articulates the need to not only attack the legality of the impeachment inquiry but also assert the president’s innocence:

“We’ve got to get to the substance and go beyond the procedure. The defense is that the president is innocent. If we get Ambassador Volker’s transcripts into the public square and have the opportunity for open examination of witnesses, I think we’ll be able to prove that definitively to the American people.”