Congressman Matt Gaetz of Florida, known as one of the ‘killers’ in Congress, joined Stephen K. Bannon, Raheem Kassam, and Jason Miller on Episode 28 of War Room: Impeachment to break down yesterday’s public impeachment hearings.

Gaetz reacted to the clip of Jim Jordan’s exchange with William Taylor: “I think that what you see there is blowing a hole in the Democrats’ case because they are unable to establish a factual predicate with evidence that would be admissible in any court, in any forum that you would be taken seriously.”

“Jordan has two things there. Not just the questions. It’s the cadence of it, and the drama of it, and knowing how to work it,” Bannon explained. “Don’t we need more of that?”

“Jordan prepares just as much as anyone in the Congress,” Gaetz replied. “He’s our most talented member and he’s the one who works the hardest. So obviously his performance is the best. And I think that you’re right, that most Americans are not going to consume these moments by sitting through 4, 5 hours of testimony. They’re going to consume them in digestible bites.”

“What were the Democrats’ best digestible bites yesterday? This notion that somebody overheard a cell phone conversation at a restaurant? Most Americans see this Ukraine dispute as something unfamiliar, far away, foreign. But I think every American knows that you cannot swear on a stack of Bibles that you are absolutely certain of what you heard off of somebody else’s cell phone in a restaurant.”