Guest of Episode 9 of War Room: Impeachment, Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) describes the significance of moving the impeachment inquiry from the House Intelligence Committee to the House Judiciary Committee.

Rep. Gaetz has been a major player in the impeachment inquiry; Host Stephen K. Bannon contends his storming of the SCIF “broke the fever” on impeachment.

The reason for the shift from “Intel to Judiciary”?

“House Democrats believe that they want to fashion the SCIF work into articles of impeachment. Adam Schiff and Jerry Nadler are playing a strange game of musical chairs. Nadler originally had jurisdiction, originally launched the impeachment inquiry, but then after the hearings with Robert Mueller and with Corey Lewandowski, a lot of rank-and-file Democrats lost confidence in Jerry Nadler because the American people were not buying the overstated claims and allegations about the Russia hoax.”

Concerning Rep. Schiff, Rep. Gaetz believes: “Schiff deployed a strategy that really eroded his credibility. I think the American people would not trust him as a fair arbiter of anything regarding President Trump because he was so secretive and so insistent on using a leak based strategy rather than open hearings which the public typically favors.”

However, Rep. Nadler is no less corrupt than Rep. Schiff: “I don’t trust Jerry Nadler any more than Adam Schiff to run an open process because Jerry Nadler was one of the people lying to the country for two and a half years about the Russia hoax.”

Instead he suggests Senator Lindsey Graham to be the arbiter: “If we are going to have open hearings with witnesses telling diverse views on facts, I think chairman Lindsey Graham ought to hold hearings and put Ambassador Volker alongside Ambassador Taylor. They’ve got two very different stories.”