On Episode 68 of War Room: Impeachment, Brian Walsh of American First Action SuperPAC joined Stephen K. Bannon, Jason Miller, and Raheem Kassam to discuss the 2020 election and how important it is to vote.

Miller prompted the SuperPAC head: “I want to get right into 2020. Give us the outlook of all of your focus groups: how is President Trump looking, what’s the Democratic field looking like?”

“We’re optimistic,” Walsh responded. “We’re feeling pretty good today. I think everybody saw the polling that just came out, that the numbers are moving in his favor during this impeachment. We’re seeing that in the focus groups as well.”

Walsh highlighted one of the largest difficulties the President faces amongst swing voters currently:

“The difficult thing the President’s facing right now is he doesn’t have an enemy. So even when you talk to voters, it’s him versus who. And I’m talking swing voters here, I’m not talking true believers. I’m talking folks who are undecided. And they’re sitting there going, well him versus who, him versus who.”

“The good thing is, as soon as you say it’s him versus Biden, him versus Warren, him versus Bernie, him versus this they all shift back to him. They know what the accomplishments are. They feel the impact of a good economy. They understand what’s going on. But in the nature of being swing voters, they’re undecided until the end. It’s part of the nature of who they are. But they feel good about it. I walked out of this feeling very good.”

The SuperPAC head then transitioned into discussing numbers and votes to articulate the importance of voter participation:

“It’s important for voters to remember that we need to get to two hundred and seventy electoral votes. Ohio, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, Michigan, Pennsylvania – it’s over. Doesn’t mean we’re not going to try to win Wisconsin, Iowa, Arizona, Minnesota, New Hampshire, Nevada, Colorado, and all these other places. But if you live in one of those states my argument to everyone is a) make sure you’re registered, b) make sure you vote, and c) make sure you get six other people to vote.”

“There are enough unregistered voters in the state of Florida to win the election without influencing a single swing voter. So go find friends who are unregistered to vote and get them out to vote. That’s the most influential thing you could do today to help elect Donald Trump.”

Walsh went through what American people should be doing to help reelect Trump again: 

  1. Make sure your registered to vote,
  2. Make sure your family and friends are registered to vote, and
  3. Get out and vote, and get them all out to vote. 

“In the state of Florida alone, we estimate somewhere between four to five million people are not registered to vote. Think about it, Donald Trump won the state of Florida by about one hundred and forty thousand votes. It doesn’t take a lot to win.”