Turns out that using the impeachment process to try to remove a sitting president ain’t cheap. According to The Heritage Foundation, taxpayers shelled out a little over $3 million to pursue the Democrats’ already-doomed effort to get President Trump out of office. That’s right. A proceeding that only took three months cost $3 million. Seems like it’d be less expensive to simply defeat him in the 2020 election — but most seem to know that success in that endeavor is not likely.

The Heritage Foundation calculated their findings by taking into account the fees for six attorneys, the time that was spent by staff on preparing for the hearings, and the salaries of congressional staffers. But the amount is likely higher as their report does not include the fees for Capitol Police who worked when House hearings went late. It also does not take into account witnesses’ travel costs and other expenses.

As you already know — unless you’ve been living in a cave — House Democrats voted to impeach President Trump this Wednesday. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has not yet transferred the articles to the Senate but is expected to do so soon. It is clear that the GOP-controlled Senate will not vote to remove the president from office, so the effort will already be dead on arrival.

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