Scott Rasmussen, political analyst and one of the nation’s top pollsters, joined Stephen K. Bannon, Jason Miller, and Raheem Kassam on Episode 8 of War Room: Impeachment to discuss how the House’s impeachment inquiry is resonating with Americans and what we can expect going forward.

“The first thing [polling] tells us is a lot of people who are supporters of President Trump don’t want to believe it. You put out a number saying 50 per cent of voters want to see Trump impeached and removed from office and the first thing I hear is ‘oh, it’s fake news’. You’ve got to face the reality of this,” Rasmussen told the War Room hosts.

“In the last month [impeachment favorability] has jumped up, but it is jumping along one section of the population – and it’s Democrats,” the analyst explained. “It has become the official position of the Democratic Party, and all Democratic voters, or just about all Democratic voters, buy into it at some level.”

In a stark contrast, “Supporters of President Trump just don’t believe it’s happening.”

Looking forward on how impeachment will resonate in the long run, Rasmussen says “we are going to see most likely record setting [voter] turnout.”

“Republicans are uniting against impeachment. You start talking about swing states; Michigan and Pennsylvania are not Republican-leaning states by any stretch of the imagination, but they certainly aren’t California.” Rasmussen responded to co-host Jason Miller ‘s comment on impeachment not resonating with swing states.

Rasmussen refers to this as “the moveable middle: these are people that don’t have a strong position to one side or the other.”

War Room host Stephen K. Bannon inquired about future polls and analysis from Rasmussen: “We’ll be back in the field within a couple weeks. We don’t know the exact date right now, but it is something we will be tracking.”

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