If this process stays partisan, it’s a wash. The President can’t lose if this stays partisan,” former White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus told the War Room. 

Priebus joined Stephen K. Bannon, Raheem Kassam, and Jason Miller for Episode 13 of War Room: Impeachment to discuss Thursday’s vote in the House of Representatives.

Kevin McCarthy said it best when he said the only bipartisan vote was to say no,” Miller, former Senior Communications Advisor on the 2016 Trump campaign added. He elaborated Trump’s strategy of pushing unity induced a vote that fell on party lines. When the American people read headlines that say this, they “immediately default to what their normal camp is.”

Miller furthered the party-line vote “puts pressure on any potentially wobbly Senate Republicans.”

This is the key thing: it’s unity,” Stephen K. Bannon added. “[Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s] strategy from the beginning was napoleonic: march divided, fight united.”

“When you have one controversy and one fight after the next, it all gets sort of lost in the wash…You have to keep pressing process,” Preibus explains. 

I think it’s time for the Republicans to start arguing on the merits, I think we have to argue this on the merits. We have to get to a point where somebody has to file a motion to dismiss…Republicans out there, Senators and other people, need to be okay with the legal case: that there is no crime, there is no misdemeanor.”

“I think we can [win on merits], I think we do, I don’t think it’s that difficult,” the former Chief of Staff continued. “This process is a sham, and this whole revised process is a sham.”

“It’s really important to have a handle on the facts. If you don’t have a handle on the facts, you can’t win the case,” Preibus furthers. “Republicans might have to live the conclusion [about Trump’s call with Zelensky], hey maybe you say it different…But it doesn’t amount to a high crime and misdemeanor. Both as a matter of law and a matter of historical basis.”

“It’s a continual bombardment of the President, it’s confusing to people across the country, and it looks like a person who can’t get a fair shake.”

Raheem Kassam added: “You cannot make the case with a serious face that this guy has undermined U.S. or Ukrainian national security by doing this.”

You wouldn’t be able to win an intent case with that transcript,” Priebus explained. “The insanity and ridiculousness of just trying to impeach a President over an intent case.”