From the moment Donald Trump got elected [Democrats] were looking to impeach him,” Ed Pozzuoli, president of Tripp Scott Law, told the War Room on Episode 16. 

Pozzuoli joined host Stephen K. Bannon and co-hosts Raheem Kassam and Jason Miller to discuss the Democrats’ impeachment proceedings and the concept of a quid pro quo.

The Democrats have the mindset of “We’re going to hang him today, and try him tomorrow,” Pozzuoli says.

“There’s no quid pro quo here… The funding came through so there’s no issue on that, the threat is gone.”

“[Democrats are] arguing there is a quid pro quo because [impeachment is] a political move, not a legal move,” Pozzuoli explains. “Legally there’s no quid pro quo…Was [the call] a bad intention for [Trump] gaining some personal use out of this? No.”

“We provide foreign aid to governments to modify behavior and impact behavior [all the time].”

Pozzuoli says if President Trump’s intent with the call was to root out corruption, that is of high importance: “Corruption inside of an intergovernmental relationship is a very important thing.”

“Impeachment is a political proceeding. Period. End of story.”