On Episode 69 of War Room: Impeachment, Sidney Powell, General Michael Flynn’s attorney, addresses key takeaways from the IG Report, emphasizing it does not “vindicate” former FBI Director James Comey and how FISA court shouldn’t even exist.

Host Raheem Kassam asks about how these developments affect former FBI director James Comey: “James Comey goes and says that he’s vindicated by this [report]. Horowitz is asked yesterday by Senator Lindsey Graham if it does vindicate James Comey, and Horowitz says no, nobody is vindicated by the things we found. What do you see the next steps here being? Does Comey have anything to answer for? Are there any criminal proceedings?”

Powell responds: “He could very well have criminal proceedings to answer for. That depends what John Durham is finding in his investigation, and I would expect Mr. Clinesmith, if he had a brain cell left in his head, to decide to cooperate with John Durham’s investigation because obviously something very serious was going on there.”

She adds: “These people were all hand-picked. If you hand-pick your team with the same purpose in mind, you don’t have to have in depth conversations about what the goal is. They all knew what the goal was to begin with, so they all shared that goal. There is going to be a lot of information that could come from Mr. Clinesmith should he choose to do the right thing and tell Mr. Durham exactly what was going on there and why.”

Powell believes the IG Report and IG Horowitz’s testimony in the Senate constitute the beginning of figuring out what was occurring at agencies like the FBI and DOJ. They both contained “absolutely stunning revelations about the FBI and DOJ hiding exculpatory evidence that people were entitled to legally, constitutionally, and ethically at every turn in any sort of criminal prosecution, and here we have the FBI hiding every bit of it with respect to Christopher Steele from the FISA court and repeatedly getting the most intrusive of all possible warrants against Carter Page, that not only enabled them to get everything he had ever done in his life, but anything anybody had ever contacted him about and the information of all those contacts as well.”

She adds: “It’s the two-hop rule that they could have gotten anything they wanted on anybody affiliated with the Trump campaign and more by virtue of those FISA warrants and those warrants were all based on lies.” 

Kassam questions Powell about the FISA process: “You’ve worked on this for nearly 10 years, and the NY Post editorial this morning, The Horowitz Report is the Absolute Opposite of Vindication for Comey’s FBI, you mentioned a few things about criminal proceedings. Gives us a little more background on the FISA process and also what role Chief Justice Roberts should play in all this. After all, I think he’s one of the biggest authorities on FISA, correct?”

Powell responds with a resounding “yes.”

She elaborates: “In fact, he is the only one who exercises any supervision over the FISA court because it’s such a secret operation. It’s really a star chamber. I knew an American citizen who was hauled in front of it one time and told he couldn’t even tell a lawyer about it and that he couldn’t speak about it at all. It’s a terrifying experience when that happens to someone.” 

She goes even further: “We just shouldn’t even have a process like that. If an American citizen is going to be impacted by it, there should be an attorney to defend that person. The whole system there needs to be completely re-examined and definite limitations on it. The judges need to be a lot more critical and refuse to just rubber stamp anything presented to them by the FBI.” 

Adding, “It’s a very sad state of affairs when you can’t trust what is supposed to be the premier law enforcement operation in the world.”

Host Stephen K. Bannon asks, “Is this systemic to issues institutionally with the FBI and even with the rest of the intelligence apparatus like the CIA. Do we have a massive systemic problem here?”

Powell responds: “I think we do have a systemic problem. It’s been going on far too long. Look at what they did to former Senator Ted Stevens. They made up charges there, and they lied about the evidence. It’s happened in countless cases. There are over 2,000 American citizens in the national database of exoneration, granted a lot of those came out of the state system, and frankly it’s even worse in the state system than the federal system.”