On Episode 75 of War Room: Impeachment, host Raheem Kassam and analyst Greg Manz breakdown recent impeachment polls which show a considerable lack of support for Democrat’s handling of impeachment.

Kassam summarizes: “Opposition to impeachment has increased since the Democrat’s hearings began.” 

Citing a recent poll showing nearly half of the country is closely following impeachment, Kassam explains how Pelosi was not expecting this level of attention: “Nancy Pelosi was figuring, hoping, assessing, that actually the [American people] wouldn’t pay very close attention [to impeachment]. They’d just catch little soundbites, little snippets, on CNN and front pages of newspapers, but actually people are digging deep into this.” 

He recaps why voters would view Democrat’s process as “fishy”: “Pelosi halfway through Adam Schiff’s process had a switch up in tactics. They were doing these hearings in private – very unpopular. Then they had public hearings and about halfway through those public hearings they switch up tactics. After the first round of questions by Democrats, they took a recess so that Schiff could go out and brief the television cameras. That also didn’t work. It gets sent to Nadler and the Judiciary Committee and what happens is Speaker Pelosi has to start doing lots of television interviews, has to start doing lots of press conferences just to keep the show on the road.”

He adds: “It was very clear [Democrats] were setting their own rules, they were going apart from tradition, apart from convention on all of this stuff. They’ve made up and invented the process as they’ve gone along and that’s reflected in the polling.”

And this has resonated with voters.

Kassam and analyst Greg Manz highlight three groups Democrats should be particularly worried about – women, independents, and even the Democrat’s base of white, college-educated voters.

Regarding women, Manz describes “Among women its 47/47 in terms of how [Nancy Pelosi] is handling her job.”

To Kassam, “that’s a major problem for her. You don’t expect the female speaker, the most powerful woman in the country to be level-pegging among women on something she should be winning on.”

Regarding independents, Manz notes: “Among independents, 58% disapprove of how Pelosi has been handling her job, and her job right now is steering the impeachment process.”

Regarding white, college-educated voters, the stronghold of the Democrat’s base, “54% disapprove of the way Democrats are currently acting while 44% approve” according to Manz.