During Nancy Pelosi’s appearance on Bill Maher last night, she admitted that House Democrats pushed a vote on the articles of impeachment despite knowing “there was plenty of other shall we say information to come forward.”

Maher lays out the developments that occurred during Pelosi’s nearly month long delay of sending the articles to the Senate: So you did delay this for a month, and let me just review what happened in this month. December 20th new emails revealed that 91 minutes after the “perfect” call, “perfect” [laughter], 91 minutes the order went out to the Department of Defense to withhold the aid. Lev came forward a few days ago, we saw all that, he said Trump was personally involved. The Government Accountability Office, that’s an official branch of this government, declared Trump broke the law when he withheld the aid to Ukraine. John Bolton announced he was willing to testify. This all happened during the delay that people were questioning you about. My question to you is: did you know all this was going to come out or was this just a good guess because well let’s just say sometimes it’s good to have a lot of experience?”

Pelosi responds: “The fact is is that we knew we had a solid case for the impeachment of the president. The facts were clear. The Constitution required it, and we wanted to make our case and go forward, so we put forth the articles of impeachment, and in fact voted them. We knew there was plenty of other shall we say information to come forward but it wasn’t necessary to impeach the president. It would have been further incriminating but not necessary, and it wouldn’t in any way weaken that had the support from my caucus and was understood by the American people.”

As War Room: Impeachment has said repeatedly, Pelosi purposefully slow-walked the articles to the Senate.


She also gloats while using her favorite focus-group tested term: “And you’re impeached forever. No matter what the senate does it can never be erased.”

This happens nearly 20 seconds after she describes herself as “reluctant” to impeach President Trump. 

Later in the show, she again emphasizes “he is impeached forever” with a huge smile on her face.

She also professes her newfound love for the Constitution, founding fathers, and patriotism: “This is so clear as far as defending the Constitution, honoring the vision of our founding fathers for what that is, the exquisite separation of powers in our Constitution that makes us a republic. […] Let’s take this to a patriotic place. This isn’t about politics. This isn’t about partisanship.”

The interview continues, and Pelosi describes how she “respects” constituents of Republican representatives: “Even the people I serve with in the Congress, we have very little in common in terms of our issues, but the fact is I respect the people who sent them to Congress, and so I afford them the respect that their constituents deserve.”

Impeaching the duly-elected president they voted for on the “thinnest evidentiary record” and “narrowest grounds” in history is an interesting way of showing that.

The interview gets to the crux of why Pelosi impeached the president, the 2020 election: “Our country in its greatness can absorb one term of the present occupant of the White House, not 2 terms. What it does to the courts and the rest. So what we have to do from right to left in our own party and beyond our own party is to elect a new President of the United States whoever that is, whoever the nominee is, we all must embrace and advance.”