On Episode 99 of War Room: Impeachment Raheem Kassam and Greg Manz discussed Speaker Pelosi holding the articles of impeachment. Manz theorized part of Pelosi’s motivation may be to assist Bloomberg’s presidential bid.

“The illegitimate impeachment of the 45th President of the United States [has been] put on pause by Nancy Pelosi,” Kassam explained, noting there may be reasoning beyond simply the Democrats’ case being very weak.

Democrats say Trump “is on the back foot, even though he’s up in the polls because of impeachment. He’s up because of the economy,” he continued.

“Impeachment is dragging the Democrats down. They’re finding it harder to cut through. The 2020 candidates are in the witness protection program as a result of all of this…But there is one Democrat candidate [impeachment] might be helping.”

Manz elaborated that “Mayor Bloomberg has been out there saying that he’s not going to play in the early states of Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada, South Carolina. His advisors have been out there basically saying the same exact thing. This is part of his stump speech: ‘I’m not doing it. I’m focusing on the Super Tuesday states.'”

“Let’s go back to 2017, 2018,” he continued. “Nancy Pelosi was the beneficiary of a hundred million dollars from Mayor Bloomberg.”

“That’s how she came back to power,” Kassam said, “was the investment Mayor Bloomberg made in the midterm elections.”

“Minority Leader to Speaker of the House,” Manz emphasized. “She owes him for her return to power.”

“He made her relevant again,” Kassam explained. “Make Pelosi Relevant Again. This is the Mayor Bloomberg campaign.”

“So now that he’s not playing in these early states,” Manz asserted Pelosi “strategically could be holding back these articles of impeachment for a specific strike of the articles into the Senate. Because per Senate rules, the U.S. Senators have to be in Washington, D.C., have to be in the hull of the Senate. And there’s a few running for President, if you haven’t heard.”

“How does that change the timeline?” Kassam asked.

Manz answered: “Based on what Bloomberg’s people have been putting out there, what the Mayor has been saying himself, what Pelosi’s doing currently: right after New Hampshire is when she’ll inject the articles into the Senate so that Bloomberg can be the beneficiary.”

“That’s February 11th,” Kassam said. “Wow. That means we have a month and a week to wait before the articles move to the Senate.”

“Look at Bloomberg’s polling numbers,” he continued. “If you want to get to the nub, get to the crux of the great Greg Manz theory here on War Room: Impeachment, then look at Bloomberg’s polling numbers steadily ticking up.”

Kassam also explained another of Bloomberg’s apparent campaign strategies: “He’s not looking for you to buy into him or his policies. I don’t even know what his policies are apart from banning Big Gulps. But what I know is the name recognition is increasing. And amongst the Democrat base – let’s not forget there are a lot of good Democrats out there; a lot of people who vote Democrat who are good people. But the hardline Democrat base, these empty-headed NPC’s, all they’re looking for is name recognition.”

“They think name recognition alone delivers you the presidency. What they don’t understand is that President Trump was a combination of national, historical name recognition combined with these hardline, politically incorrect, ‘I’m going to get things done’ policies.”

He elaborated that Democrats “don’t have anyone who’s hardline, non-p.c., and going to get things done. They have people going ‘this guy is a maniac’ while the S&P is up. And the DOW Jones is up. And wages are up. And unemployment across all sorts of different groups is way, way, way down. They don’t have any answer to that.”

“Pelosi looks like she’s clearing the way for Michael Bloomberg.”