Episode 59 of War Room: Impeachment analyzes the significance of Nancy Pelosi’s remarks on impeachment, a desperate attempt to save the Democrat’s narrative after “how much damage was done to it yesterday,” according to guest Steve Cortes. 

Host Stephen K. Bannon asks, “Why did [Pelosi] call an audible?”

To host Jason Miller, it demonstrated Pelosi “trying to take this narrative back” after yesterday’s “complete failure bringing in these academic state stiffs to lecture the American public and talking down to them.” 

He continues: “What we’re seeing here from Nancy Pelosi is she’s effectively taking away Jerry Nadler’s learning permit. She’s saying Jerry Nadler you were a disaster running yesterday’s [hearing].”

Even the media picked up on how the hearing flopped: “CNN lead off their 6 am newscast hyping Nancy Pelosi’s 9am press conference shows you they thought yesterday was a dud.” 

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Cortes reiterates: “She’s not leveraging off of [yesterday’s hearing], I think she’s trying to save [the impeachment narrative].  I think she realizes how terrible yesterday went. […] Not just that these professors were awful but [also] the fact that they attacked the child of the president. That matters, and it matters to the American people. What she’s doing today is a very effective job to makeup for that.”

Pelosi can sense “the [Democrats] are losing momentum. Right now, the trend is in favor of the president and the Deplorables. The polling shows that.

Miller notes a “fundamental problem with her remarks.” They’re “reminding everybody this is a partisan exercise. Nancy Pelosi is going to lead every newscast tonight with her stark remarks saying they have to move to impeach. That is making it purely Democratic.

This press conference is a game changer, as Bannon states: “now it’s Nancy Pelosi vs. Donald Trump.”