On a special evening edition of War Room: Impeachment, hosts Stephen K. Bannon, Jason Miller, and Raheem Kassam provide analysis and reaction to Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s announcement to hold a House vote on Thursday to formalize the impeachment inquiry.

Bannon attributes this vote to a wide variety of factors, noting the impact of War Room: Impeachment:

“Between Rivkin’s piece in the Wall Street Journal, pressure that was put on from all the shows we did, people going on Fox, Rep. Mark Meadows, the event Rep. Matt Gaetz pulled last Thursday which broke the fever, I think changes the direction. Now she [Speaker Pelosi] is taking it to a full vote in the House.”

He remarks she’s been forced to “give due process” and “President Trump a fair shake.”

Miller thinks this undermines the legitimacy of an already sham impeachment process:

“The bottom line here is that Speaker Pelosi and the House Democrats have caved. The pressure is getting to them. The fundamental question everybody should be asking right now, especially in the mainstream media, is if they’re just now taking this vote to start impeachment proceedings, what the hell have they been doing for the past month.”

Kassam contends that Speaker Pelosi has “figured out that we figured out the joke”:

“Perhaps these testimonies weren’t quite working out the way they had hoped. The great smoking gun they had been perpetuating before the American people and now they’re having to put their foot on the accelerator. This is looking like they’ve overextended.”

Listen to the full episode to hear further commentary from Rep. Mark Meadows and Rep. Matt Gaetz.

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