After months of investigations and allegations, it appears Democrats will only attempt to put forward TWO articles of impeachment which do not include bribery, high crimes and misdemeanours nor obstruction of justice.

Democrats had originally stated that around four articles could be brought: Abuse of power. Bribery. Contempt of Congress. Obstruction of justice.

Instead, Democrats are expected to put forward only an “abuse of power” and “contempt of Congress”.

The collapse of their impeachment process and the witness testimonies is believed to be behind the abandonment of the firmer elements of their case.

UPDATE 12/10/2018:

  • Abuse of power: “It is an impeachable offense for the president to exercise the powers of his public office to obtain an improper personal benefit while ignoring or injuring the national interest. That is exactly what president trump did when he solicited and pressured Ukraine to interfere in our 2020 presidential election.” Nadler said.
  • Obstruction of Congress: “A president who declares himself above accountability, above the American people and above congress’ power of impeachment — which is meant to protect against threats to our democratic institutions — is the President who sees himself as above the law,” Nadler said.

The Associated Press reports:

WASHINGTON — House Democrats are poised to unveil two articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump.

That’s according to two sources familiar with the discussions but unauthorized to discuss the proceedings and granted anonymity.

Democrats are expected to put forward one charge against the president of abuse of power and another of obstruction of Congress, according to one of the people.

House Democratic leaders preparing articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump are expected to announce next steps early Tuesday, lawmakers said.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi convened the House chairmen leading the impeachment inquiry in her office after a daylong Judiciary Committee hearing laid out the case against Trump. Democrats warned of the risk his actions toward Ukraine now pose to U.S. elections and national security. Chairmen left the meeting late Monday at the Capitol some saying an announcement would come in the morning.

“I think there’s a lot of agreement,” Rep. Eliot Engel of New York, the Democratic chairman of the Foreign Affairs committee, told reporters. “You’ll hear about about some of it tomorrow.”