On Episode 86 of War Room: Impeachment, hosts Stephen K. Bannon, Raheem Kassam, and Jason Miller discuss how President Obama  ‘talking up Warren behind closed doors to wealthy donors’ according to a recent article from The Hill will affect Joe Biden’s 2020 campaign. 

Bannon notes how this remedies a major problem Warren is having with Wall Street donors: “As we’ve heard one of the biggest problems she’s had with the hedge funds and other major donors for the Democratic party which are obviously very concerned about her entire economic program, not just the taxes and the taxes on assets. There really is deep concern among a number of Democrats on Wall Street and industry about how here program might actually tank the economy and tank the stock market.”

Miller also adds: “President Obama, love him or hate him, but it’s a recognition they think Senator Warren is the real deal when it comes to this Democratic primary field. If you saw the debate the other night, you’d probably think the same thing.”

Bannon continues, noting how this declaration of support weakens Biden’s candidacy: “To have this word, and for Joe Biden, this couldn’t come at a worse time even though quote on quote he had his best debate performance, I think he’s one of the weaker candidates, and one of the things he was drafting off of was implicit support from President Obama.”

Similarly, Miller asks about the message this sends to voters about President Obama’s confidence in Biden: “What about Joe Biden? Wasn’t Joe Biden Obama’s VP?”

Kassam relates this development to the recent Democratic primary debate where it was apparent Biden was not the clear frontrunner, much to the dismay of the media: “That cringe moment when [Eric Swalwell] says pass the torch, last democratic debate, you really did feel that the torch was being passed. You really feel like people were talking past and over Joe Biden and to some extent Bernie Sanders with Klobuchar and Pete Buttigieg having their own tet-a-tet.”

He continues: “They don’t see [Biden] as the compelling lead candidate. They still see that everything is to play for. Despite what the media might say about Biden being number one, remember they have to plug Biden because they have to try to say that the president tried to take out the leading and most scary political adversary for the 2020 election campaign. So they continue to pump Biden up, but it actually looks like from both a Democrats grassroots perspective and from President Obama’s perspective, Biden ain’t it.”

Bannon notes the article’s placement in The Hill: “This is a huge development. It’s also the placement. It wasn’t just a story on The Hill. It was the lead story on The Hill. It even took Niall Stanage’s memo and bumped it down. This is trying to be emphasized. This is a huge development.”

Adding, “This clearly comes from an Obama leak.”

Miller believes Hillary Clinton “has got to be reading this story. She’s probably happier than anyone else on the planet about it this morning.”

He explains why Clinton sees this favorably: “The longer this goes with President Obama making comments behind the scenes and you see Mayor Bloomberg jumping in and ultimately Secretary Clinton. This is the reason. If you’re Secretary Clinton and you’re looking to run right now, think about how much money she raised on Wall Street. Remember the leaked speeches and everything that came out? She has got to be looking around saying wait a minute Wall Street guys, Elizabeth Warren? No. I’m the real deal.