On the day of House Democrats’ first public impeachment hearing into President Trump this week, as leaders of some of the conservative movement’s most prominent organizations dialed into a briefing call hosted by the White House to coordinate their message, their activists were hard at work.

The groups had sent out specific marching orders to the hundreds of thousands of members of their network: Follow and elevate these key Republican lawmakers on Twitter. Circulate these talking points among your friends and on social media. Call your elected officials and tell them not to support impeachment. Maybe most important: Donate now to support the cause.

Some of the nation’s leading conservative groups — the Club For Growth, FreedomWorks, Citizens United, and Tea Party Patriots — have locked arms to serve as an unofficial war room for the president during the impeachment inquiry, the third such proceeding in modern history, but the first of the social media age. The coalition of more than 100 organizations, including traditional conservative fund-raisers and public relations firms, is banking on a coordinated divide-and-conquer strategy that seeks to harness its grass-roots networks’ outrage — and raise money crucial to its own survival.