America First Action SuperPAC recently launched a new website featuring a timeline chronicling the evolution of the current impeachment effort against President Trump.

The timeline starts with 2 events occurring on March 21st, 2016: “Carter Page joins the Trump campaign as a foreign policy advisor. In January 2013, Page reportedly helped the FBI with an investigation into Russian spies” and “28-year-old George Papadopoulos joins the Trump campaign as an unpaid foreign policy advisor.”


It goes on to recount the 4-year lead up to the current impeachment inquiry, and thoroughly answers the million dollar question: how did we get here?

Featuring almost 100 developments, the timeline cites a variety of sources even establishment outlets like the New York Times and CNN.


America First Action describes their effort: “A mountain of evidence reveals federal law enforcement officers, intelligence agencies, and government careerists engaged in an unprecedented effort to influence the 2016 election, crush the Trump campaign, and cripple our elected president. The America First Action PAC team has collected the undisputed facts of this unprecedented effort, and for the first time assembled them in a comprehensive timeline. We start at the beginning, the spring of 2016.”

Adding, “Every day, new revelations come to light showing how officials in the U.S. Department of Justice, the FBI, the CIA, and the State Department collaborated with foreign nationals and Hillary Clinton campaign operatives to smear and spy on their political opponents, innocent Americans whose only “crime” is to support President Trump.”

Frequent War Room: Impeachment guest Steve Cortes is a senior adviser and spokesman for America First Action along with Curtis Ellis who runs the policy arm of the superPAC. 

Ellis describes the timeline during Episode 128 of War Room: Impeachment.