Episode 59 of War Room: Impeachment makes it clear: Neither Jerry Nadler, House Judiciary Chairman, or Adam Schiff, House Intelligence Chairman, are capable of running this impeachment inquiry.

Host Stephen K. Bannon asks if Nadler is “up to it” in light of yesterday’s “fiasco”.

Guest Steve Cortes, CNN contributor and Head of the Trump 2016 Hispanic Advisory Council, responds with a resounding “no.”

He explains: “They’re trying to have next November’s campaign now, and [Nadler] is not remotely the messenger you want leading a campaign. He’s not up to it intellectually and certainly not up to it from a communication standpoint. He is not the person who can persuade the American people.”

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Nadler’s hearing yesterday “is exactly why the speaker [called this press conference]. That’s good messaging, which is the exact opposite from what we saw yesterday which was a bunch of smug professors lecturing the American people and talking down to us.”

Host Jason Miller describes Nadler’s “2 challenges”: 

First, “there’s the actual made for tv aspect of [impeachment] which he has failed at massively over and over again.”

His selection of constitutional experts exemplified his incompetence: a A Shariah Law Advocate and An Anti-White, Anti-Trump Activist”.

The optics of “a bunch of smug professors lecturing the American people and talking down to them” further proves Nadler’s ineptitude.

Second, Miller doesn’t “have any confidence” that Nadler can “pull off the strategic drafting of the articles of impeachment.”

Cortes also asserts that Schiff is equally out of his league when it comes to conducting this inquiry: 

“It’s really kind of amazing that Schiff and Nadler are the faces of impeachment because neither are up to it” on “substance or messaging.” He adds, “They fail on both counts.”

Furthermore, “Neither is likable. Neither is intellectually able to make the case to the American people.”