A highlight from today’s House impeachment debate was Rep. Louie Gohmert fiery speech highlighting the Obama administration’s failures in Ukraine and that Democrat’s ‘lowering the bar’ for impeachment suggests ‘this country’s end is now in sight.’

Episode 79 of War Room: Impeachment emphasized the following segment of Rep. Gohmert’s impassioned speech: 

The president turning this back on Ukraine, that Happened in 2009 because in 2008, Ukraine involved Georgia. What happened? Bush put sanctions on Russia to teach them a lesson. What happened after that? Well in March 2009, Hillary Clinton was sent over to Russia with a reset button to say Bush overreacted. We’re Okay that you you invaded Georgia. It was a green light to Russia to invade Ukraine, and what do you do? Oh yeah, you send blankets and M.R.E.’s. They can eat and be warm while the Russians are killing them. That is what the Obama administration did. This is a travesty, and we’re in big trouble because Schumer was right. Now it’s lowered the bar, it will be used for political battles, and this country’s end is now in sight. I hope I don’t live to see it. This is an outrage. I yield back.

Host Stephen K. Bannon notes the ‘buried lede’ in Rep. Gohmert’s speech: “For a guy that thinks of much of this republic, done as much for the state of Texas done, as much for this country as Louie Gohmert, to say “this country’s end is now in sight” is pretty powerful”

The drama didn’t end there.

After Rep. Gohmert’s delivered his 90 second speech, Rep. Nadler suggested it was Russian propaganda: “I am deeply concerned that any member of the House would spout Russian propaganda on the floor of the House. I know yield 1 minute to the gentleman from New York.”

In response, Rep. Gohmert returned to the podium and calls out Rep. Nadler for his blatant lies over calls of ‘come to order’ from the Speaker: