On Episode 99 of War Room: Impeachment Raheem Kassam and Greg Manz discuss the media’s double standard coverage, particularly in reference to former Vice President and 2020 Presidential hopeful Joe Biden’s repeated lies.

“The Democrats are so dead set on linking this to impeachment that the media will provide them with the cover fire for this,” Kassam said, referring to the drone strike in Iran.

“Joe Biden is the leader of the pack still in the Democrat field. His response is both pertinent because of that, and also because of the fact he was the vice president. He had a major say in U.S. foreign policy for a very long time.”

Kassam emphasized that “everything you are seeing – whether it’s in Ukraine, in China, in Iran. All of this stuff goes back to the Biden, Clinton, Obama period of time in this country’s history. Which I happen to believe will be thought of in the future, if not already, as one of the worst periods of American foreign policy; one of the weakest points in American foreign policy in a very, very long time.”

“It’s very important we pay particular detail to the lies,” he added, referring to Biden’s contradicting statements on his input in the raid that killed Osama Bin Laden.

“It’s also very important that as many people as possible hear it. Because guess what? It ain’t playing in airports on CNN. It’s not on the NPR podcast. This isn’t the front page of the New York Times. And, arguably, it should be and would be all of those things if the journalistic class in Washington, D.C. and Midtown Manhattan could pull their fingers out.”

Kassam continued: “if they didn’t suffer from this Trump derangement syndrome they would be focusing in, honing in on these lies by the former vice president of the United States as it pertains to the killing of the world’s number one leading terrorist at the time: Osama bin Laden.”

Fox News’ Peter Doocy asked the former vice president and 2020 hopeful, “didn’t you tell President Obama not to go after bin Laden that day,” after Biden claimed he would have what it takes to ‘pull the trigger’ on an airstrike to take out a terrorist like Soleimani.

“No, I didn’t,” Biden told Doocy.

“It’s pretty clear that Joe Biden’s lying,” Kassam commented. “In fact, let’s use Joe Biden’s words.”

Kassam then played a 2012 clip of Biden talking about the very conversation he had with Obama and others just prior to the bin Laden raid:

“The president, he went around the table with all the senior people including the chiefs of staff. And he said, ‘I have to make a decision, what is your opinion?’ He started with the National Security Advisor, Secretary of State, and he ended with me. Every single person in that room hedged their bet, except Leon Panetta. Leon said go…It got to me. [Obama] said, ‘Joe, what do you think?’ And I said, ‘…we owe the man a direct answer. My suggestion is don’t go. We have to do two more things to see if he’s there.'”

Kassam noted that Biden “wasn’t vague about it. This wasn’t on the one hand this and on the other hand that. He said ‘everyone else was hedging and I gave the president a direct answer: don’t go.’ This was to kill Osama bin Laden. He is now telling Fox News that he did not do that.”

“Here’s the thing,” he continued, “I wouldn’t be banging on about this so much if the Washington Post didn’t decide to print an article that said ‘the ten thousand lies of President Trump in his first year in office’; and CNN, every time it mentions President Trump in the chyron: ‘without evidence,’ or ‘no it’s not,’ or ‘that’s not true.'”

“Fine. You want to do it, do it to both sides. We can both do that, we can both play that game.” He explains the mainstream media “only [applies] this rigorous scrutiny as far as they see it, as far as they call it to one side. Which, by the way, isn’t really even scrutiny because half the things they do, if not more, are factually incorrect as far as they assert it. And President Trump turns out to be right.”