On Episode 56 of War Room: Impeachment guest John Moran, member of We Build The Wall’s Advisory Board, and host Stephen K. Bannon discuss a key takeaway from this impeachment inquiry: “The American people have seen firsthand the extent of the unelected bureaucrats’ power”, according to Moran. 

Moran describes this antidemocratic centralization of power: “The biggest thing that struck me was the bureaucracy in this country was so blatantly on display for all of America to see, finally. You have people talking about being concerned because the president went off the interagency script in his conversation.”

Bannon debunks the notion of “interagency consensus.” It’s not “in the Constitution” and shouldn’t be “senior to the duly-elected Commander in Chief.”

Moran continues: “When you’re a military officer, and you don’t recognize the Commander and Chief has sway in his ability to negotiate with a foreign enemy, and then you have a concern because it’s not the script of the unelected bureaucrats” that is “a clear act of insubordination.”