On Episode 43 of War Room: Impeachment, Miller doubles down on a key argument made by Rep. Will Hurd during Dr. Fiona Hill’s testimony: “Just because someone happens to be running for president doesn’t mean we should be ignoring aspects of corruption, especially to a country where we send $250 million.”

He alleges: “Joe Biden could make this all go away by saying I have never discussed Burisma with anybody or my son Hunter Biden’s dealings at all when I was Vice President. He could come out and say that, but I don’t think he can.”

Co-host Raheem Kassam adds: “He originally tried to say that a couple of months ago, but then that picture came out of Joe Biden, the Burisma board member, and Hunter Biden playing golf.”

Miller also notes how “Lindsey [Graham]’ request for documents related to [Joe] Biden and Hunter Biden’s previous work in Ukraine specifically about phone calls with former Ukrainian President Poroschenko including whether there is any mention of investigation into the person who owned Burisma Holdings” could begin to uncover of the Biden family’s extensive corruption.