On Episode 43 of War Room: Impeachment, Jason Miller discussed President Trump’s communications strategy and the Democrat’s impeachment dream potentially coming to an end.

“Democrats have realized that what they thought was their dream – and when I say Democrats and the media, somewhat I’m using that interchangeably – this was their chance to really get [Trump]. And what they found was – even when you have Jonathan Turley and other legal scholars saying, ‘actually this is pretty weak and it is designed to fail’ – they realize they don’t have it. This is why you have those House freshmen freaking out as they go home to their districts. This is it.”

“Why [did Trump take] the high ground,” War Room host Stephen K. Bannon posed to Miller. “He wants to see a trial, he wants to see substance. The New York Post has got a headline: affirmative defense.”

“President Trump knows that his supporters need to hear from him that he believes that he won the week,” Miller elaborated. “And his supporters should feel collectively they all won the week…What President Trump wanted to make sure is what we call in communications ‘preaching to your own choir.’ So he wanted to make sure anyone who’s a supporter of his knows, ‘hey we just heard it right from the pulpit, things are going good.’”

I think the media is so crushed after this week. They either want to pack up and go home for Thanksgiving or they’re just trying to recalibrate and figure out how the heck do we combat this guy, it’s like the energizer bunny, we can’t stop him.”