Jason Miller and Stephen K. Bannon discussed the next steps in the impeachment process and what the Democrats’ plan might be on Episode 42 of War Room: Impeachment.

Miller explained: “If I were Schiff, then I go and take this entire first week of December to basically run out the media game, the build up, what’s this report going to be. Have your CNN’s and MSNBC’s everyday hammering.”

“You don’t deliver as soon as you get back,” Bannon says.

“Nope,” Miller agrees.

Bannon continued: “You use that whole week, the week of December 2nd, you use that whole week to build up the drama.”

Miller added: “Strategically thinking, if I was Schiff, I’d drop it maybe on Thursday the 5th or Friday the 6th, to then go and frame the weekend. Drop that bomb, get out of here, and lead it into the next week.”