On Episode 23 of War Room: Impeachment, Jason Miller singles out Rep. Will Hurd, member of the House Intelligence Committee and a frequent critic of President Trump. 

Miller contends he is “The absolute worst on this committee. It’s a disgrace he’s on there.”

Rep. Hurd deserves this superlative for a variety of reasons: he’s “constantly criticizing President Trump,” “disagrees with the whistleblower being unmasked,” and is “soft on immigration.” He’s also a retiring member of Congress. 

Furthermore, on Chris Wallace’s Sunday show he effectively said “any investigation request into the Bidens would be impeachable.”

Miller asks “Why would we have someone outwardly hammering President Trump at every opportunity on this committee?”

To remedy this, Rep. Meadows, Rep. Zeldin, and Rep. Gaetz need to be swapped for Intel Committee anti-Trump members epitomized by Rep. Hurd. 

Miller clearly states: “It’s gut check time for GOP leadership.”