On Episode 15 of War Room: Impeachment, hosts Raheem Kassam and Jason Miller discuss why the media ignored Tim Morisson’s testimony.

To Kassam, it’s because his testimony “directly contradicted [Vindman’s] claim that the White House transcript was not accurate.” 

Miller expands on how this debunks the “media narrative that something illegal” transpired:

“Morrison’s testimony exonerated President Trump.This was the biggest testimony since the beginning of this process. Morrison, who up until the other day was part of the National Security Council for Europe and Ukraine, said under oath that there was nothing illegal about president trump’s phone call with Zelinsky on July 25h and the call transcript prepared by NSC career staff was accurate.”

He continues that this consequential development was not “seen on CNN or anywhere. Didn’t see it enough on right of center news outlets like Fox News. I wish we had spent a lot more time talking about that.”

Another element of the story that bolsters the validity of Morrison’s account was his status as Vindman’s “superior”:

“Vindman was pretty low ranking, there were a lot of folks above him, so for him to make it sound like his recommendations were not taken, this is basically like a step above the intern in your office saying “here’s what you ought to do for your new business strategy.” For Vindman to go out there and publicly undermine the Commander in Chief and subvert the chain of command is completely out of line and he doesn’t know what he’s talking about.”