On Episode 41 of War Room: Impeachment, hosts Jason Miller and Raheem Kassam discuss Rep. Will Hurd’s uncharacteristically strong defense against impeaching President Trump during Dr. Fiona Hill’s testimony today.

Miller outlines his three key points:

First: “Officials on the July 25th call have many different opinions.”

Second: “Just because Vice President Biden is running for president does not mean that corruption related to Burisma and America’s ties to it are not concerning.

Third: “This is the most important point that generated a couple of news stories. An impeachable offense should be compelling, overwhelmingly clear, and unambiguous.”

Together, these arguments advanced by Rep. Hurd suggest he will vote “no” on impeachment.

Miller continues “If Will Hurd is voting no, that means it is going to be a party-line vote. This impeachment thing is done. It’s going nowhere. Now [Democrats] will keep dribbling it out and they’ll go through a Senate trial, but this thing has no chance.”

Kassam inquires about the significance: “Why is Will Hurd the low benchmark for the GOP?”

Miller responds: “Will Hurd is the canary in the coal mine of this and he is one of those members who is definitely not a strong supporter of President Trump. He is someone who wanted to get to a “yes” deep down on the inside, he and the president have had a few words in the past, he’s a retiring member, and he doesn’t agree with the president on immigration.”

He’s essentially the “Mitt Romney of the House.”

This also sets a strong precedent for the Senate vote: “If [Hurd] is a no that means there aren’t going to be any defections from the Republicans side. How can Susan Collins, Lisa Murkowski, or Mitt Romney defect once it gets to the Senate?”