On Episode 23 of War Room: Impeachment, host Stephen K. Bannon asks co-host Jason Miller to explain why it is crucial for Republican members on the House Intelligence Committee to be ‘killers’ heading into the start of public hearings. 

He points to the unfettered partisanship of Intel Democrats:

“You have your Democrats, Adam Schiff, Jim Himes, Mike Quigley, Eric Swalwell, folks who on cable tv are tough, partisan and throwing fastballs. They’re trying to paint the absolute worst picture of President Trump before they prepare the report and had it over to Nadler’s Judiciary Committee to then write the actual articles of impeachment.”

Intel is “the beginning of made for tv combat.”

Miller draws attention to the lack of Republican “killers”: “Who from the Republican side is going to be able to go toe to toe with these Democrats and cross examine these witnesses?”

Currently, “We have 3 out of 10 members”: Devin Nunes, John Ratcliffe, and Jim Jordan. 

War Room: Impeachment proposes adding at least 3 additional members:

“We are adamant that we want Rep. Meadows, Rep. Zeldin and Rep. Gaetz to join the 3 killers already on there, so we can go and actually drive the case for President Trump and pushback on this impeachment witch hunt and do something so the American people can see right through how ridiculous this whole thing is. It’s one big policy dispute the unelected bureaucrats and partisan Democrats are driving.”

Miller calls on House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy to enact these changes before Wednesday: “This is gut check time for Kevin McCarthy. This is his moment where he can step up and get some additional killers on this committee.”