On Episode 117 of War Room: Impeachment Jason Miller and Raheem Kassam talked about the Democrats’ newest weapon in their impeachment sham is: Lev Parnas.

“They release all these documents to further implicate the President, Rudy Giuliani, Mike Pence, AG Barr. All of this is what they’re trying to do. Actually none of [the documents] does,” Kassam said.

He explained that he went through “all of the documents last night…I’ll admit I don’t speak Ukrainian. There’s a lot in Ukrainian that I couldn’t go though. But for the stuff that’s in English, it’s a lot of: ‘hey buddy, how’s it going? Yeah fine, how are you? We don’t like Marie Yovanovitch, right? Yeah, I don’t like her either.’ It’s just that over and over again. There’s nothing explicit in term of bribery or extortion or corruption or anything like that.”


“Funny enough if you go through the documents,” Kassam continued, “it’s Lev Parnas who’s trying to extract money from people. There are text messages that he’s sending to Florida billionaires being like: ‘hey buddy, can you pay for a three hundred dollar a day driver and car for me? Hey, can we use your private plane?’ And all this kind of stuff.”

“You’re making it clear right here,” Miller said to his co-host, “Lev Parnas is a grifter of the first magnitude.”

“King of grifters,” Kassam emphasized.

“He’s the Czar,” Miller reiterated. “He’s literally out on bail with multiple federal felony counts. He’s running around Trump Hotel trying to bump up to people. This goes to your point, Raheem. He’s begging for money from everyone.”

Kassam said Parnas is “the kind of guy who would just saunter up to you in the Trump Hotel and be like: ‘hey, can I tell you about my dog?’ No, man, get away from me.”