On Episode 11 of War Room: Impeachment, Host Stephen K. Bannon declares “the Trump forces have slowed the train down,” referencing the Democrat’s impeachment efforts.

Co-host Jason Miller describes his projected timeline: “The whole talk of this happening before Thanksgiving? There’s no chance. Congress punches out at the end of this week, and they’re not even back then for another week or 10 days on a district work period. Even the talk of Christmas – this thing is not going to happen by Christmas. I think we’re looking at the Democrats are going to run this right up until the Iowa caucus coming up on February 3rd of next year for a couple of reasons.”

The first reason is its “the best thing they have for a messaging platform.”

It also “beats up on President Trump.”

And most influentially, “let’s not bury the lead here, the Democrat field is terrible. You want to be talking about Joe Biden, Elizabeth Warren or Beto O’Rourke? Is that someone you want to be out here leading your entire messaging right now? No. It’s much easier for them, as we learned from Scott Rasmussen, to beat up on Trump, motivate your base, and repeat.”

Bannon concurs: “ they want “orange man bad” for as long as they can get it”.