On Episode 49 of War Room: Impeachment, Jason Miller and Stephen K. Bannon discussed the potential timeline for the release of the House Intelligence Committee’s majority and minority reports, and how their release strategically correlates with Horowitz’s IG report.

“They are burning the midnight oil here on Capitol Hill,” Bannon explained. “The town is crickets, everybody’s left except for the House Intelligence Committee staff. Both the majority and the minority report they’re grinding through. We know our relationships up there and contacts worked basically all through the night.”

“It looks like now – Jason [Miller], in your best opinion – Nadler’s going to have a hearing on Wednesday. Why do you think [Democrats] are trying to move things forward?”

“Clearly they want to keep the momentum going on their side and try to keep the media narrative under their control,” Miller responded. “As we approach Monday December 9th, when this IG report comes out, this is going to be so devastating for Democrats, and their allies, and those who are defenders of the administrative state… This is going to knock the town on its heels – absolutely. Democrats are worried that if they don’t get their information out first, when they get hit on this they may never recover.

Bannon clarified with Miller: “You anticipate right now that the majority report – the report from the House [Intelligence Committee] that will be passed to Nadler to take to the next stage [of] impeachment – may be dropped as early as Monday or Tuesday. You believe it will actually get dropped before Nadler’s hearing?”

“I would think so,” Miller said, “because Nadler’s going to need some of that information in the Judiciary Committee to go and base their evidence for how they’re going to and push forward with this impeachment nonsense.”


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