“Have any of these proposed witnesses the Republicans put forward been accepted by Adam Schiff?” Stephen K. Bannon, former CEO of the Trump 2016 campaign, asked his co-hosts Raheem Kassam and Jason Miller on Episode 23 of War Room: Impeachment.

“No,” Miller answered. “And Adam Schiff said ‘well, maybe some will be considered.’ But no; this is why, Steve [Bannon], I’m glad you brought this point up. Because Lindsey Graham was on one of the Sunday shows yesterday saying that if the whistleblower isn’t called in to testify then the Senate should automatically dismiss this when it comes out of the House.”

“We have to go and create our own opportunities here,” Miller continued. “I’ve been pretty tough on Republican House members who I don’t think have been carrying their fair share and being aggressive enough. I think we need our Republicans in the Senate where we do have the gavel: so we talked about Jim Risch from Idaho on the Foreign Relations Committee, we have Lindsey Graham who is also a leader on that committee. We need to go and start holding our own hearings.”

“So I would say right now, fine, if Schiff and Pelosi aren’t going to allow us to have the Bidens, the whistleblower, even Tim Morrison – who completely exonerates President Trump because he said there is no quid pro quo and he said the transcripts match perfectly. Even saying that we’re not going to Joe or Hunter Biden – take Tim Morrison or the whistle blower. Let’s have the Senate call them up, and let’s do our own hearings. Let’s have some counter programming so American people can get the absolute facts as to what is going on. And if Schiff is not going to do this, then the Senate needs to step up here. It’s not enough to just have the language, they need to do it.”